Who is the target audience?

“The deepest rest that exists on Earth”

Michael Hutchison – The book of floating

This relaxation method, popular worldwide, is equally used by athletes to improve performance, business people under substantial stress, students during examination periods, exhausted mothers – to – be and mothers of young children or simply those wanting to unwind. Medical science is also increasingly using floatation for the complementary treatment of various illnesses. The effects of floating on concentration and the brain’s increased efficiency were discovered early in the corporate world as well; floating has spread among multinational firms (in the UK and Japan), with float rooms being built in office buildings, allowing tired workers to refresh themselves during their lunch break and before important meetings. Moreover, floating stimulates circulation and increases the amount of oxygen transported, so it is often used by those leading sedentary lifestyles and is recommended following long flights to avoid thrombosis. The concentrated salt content in the cabin exerts a beneficial effect on asthma patients, reducing the number and intensity of attacks, and also increases the amount of oxygen flowing into the lungs.

The anti – inflammatory effect of salt alleviates symptoms stemming from inflammation of the facial cavity and the vocal cords, sinusitis and bronchitis. Floating is therefore recommended for all those who wish to improve their performance, both physical and mental, those who would like to counter the stress of their hectic lives and those who would like to experience an innovative means of relaxation. The effects of a floating session are instantaneous. The detrimental effects of stress on our bodies disappear; tense muscles relax, our brain is cleared of negative thoughts, and the cabin excludes all intrusive elements which interfere with physical and mental regeneration. Nowadays, we are exposed to a huge amount of stimulation, noise and effects; when floating, we can literally feel our mind grow calm and our body relax. After a long day, there is nothing more serene than floating in a tub of salt water, cutting off the ever – accelerating world and being reborn.